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Jan - Feb 2021


How can I redesign OfferUp's browsing & selling experiences to increase its user engagement?

As an OfferUp user, I found it difficult to browse listings with ease and confidence. Listings on the shopping page are cluttered with unwanted ads, sold goods, and disproportionate pictures that make some items hard to identify. Users are forced to click through several pages to accomplish simple tasks, like asking about availability or posting an item for sale. I plan to redesign several processes within OfferUp to solve these issues, while upholding brand & identity of the company.

analysis of existing app

Existing Task Flows

There are redundant & unnecessary steps within these flows that hinder the user's flow.

User Research

I interviewed six regular OfferUp users (ages 16-62) to gain a deeper understanding of how users interact with the app, while also noting specific painpoints that users mention. I also used recent OfferUp reviews from the App Store and Google Play to support my findings.


Browsing Listings 🔎

Based on the insights collected, users were frustrated with the scattered ads, lack of filtering options, and the disproportional listing layout that OfferUp offers. OfferUp's algorithm generates ads based on search results, or listings that the user has clicked on. Many users found this very annoying, as they were often clicking on these ads by mistake. Users also expressed the need for more filters, and the option to select several at a time to hone their search. The disporoportional listing layout also did not make much sense to some users, who claim that they sometimes cannot identify items because of it.

Messaging Users 💬

The process of asking a seller about item availability should be effortless and rather quick. However, the current process of asking about availability takes just as long as any other one, even with the pre-made messages. Interview feedback indicates that this is not ideal for average browser, and users would like a quicker method of asking popular questions.
Some users complained about buyers/sellers not showing up to their scheduled meeting place on time, or at all. This proves that OfferUp’s current Suggest to Meet feature is lacking.

Posting Items 📸

Sellers that were interviewed emphasized that the posting process is unnecessarily “lengthy” and takes sellers through a five step process in order to successfully post an item. It is clear that this process could use more structuring in order to provide sellers with a delightful, seamless posting experience, and to ensure buyers are getting all the information they need about the item.


Desired Task Flows


Sketches & Wireframes

I sketched out solutions to the painpoints I collected during the research phase. I refined my designs by creating initial wireframes that I could base the rest of my design solution off of.

Initial Feedback

I collected user feedback from my interviewees to assess whether my proposed redesign solved the issues that they expressed during the user research phase. I then used this feedback to tweak my final design solutions.

Design Solutions

I used the feedback received to translate my initial designs into high fidelity screens.


To summarize the new design, here are the elements that I changed or created:


Removed ads from home page, moved to individual posts to eliminate user pinpoint.

High contrast interface, made background darker to make individual tiles pop.

Designed quick ask function to create a seamless asking experience for buyers.

Altered listing photo to square ratio, 3 column layout.

Expanded filter options, allowing for multiple selections. Created TruYou toggle filter.

Created halfway point feature on Suggest to Meet, and Date & Time function to reduce "no-show" buyers/sellers.


Condensed listing process from 5 steps to 2 steps.

Added Pickup Only option for sellers.


OfferUp is an elegant marketplace app that offers a seamless shopping & selling experience

More filters,
Instant messaging,
High contrast interface.

Convenient MeetUps with
In-app s

Post your goods faster
than ever before


Being my first UX/UI redesign, I learned so much about the process that eventually led me to the above prototypes. It was especially helpful and informative getting feedback after my wires, which allowed me to pivot my design solutions, and think of other features or UI elements that could futher improve the user experience. For example, the stacked "save" & "share" buttons on listings gave users an easier reach point.

The feedback I received mid process also allowed me to step back and access my own design decisions from a user standpoint. It made me realize that users shouldn't always be forced into new functions or features. For instance, users should not be forced to select a time & date for the MeetUp feature, but rather be presented with the option.

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Omar Swidan
Product Designer