Relay Robot

Designing a marketing site for Relay Robot, an AI-powered drop-in chatbot for web3 companies







Dec - Mar 2023


Relay is a web3 startup building a suite of tools focused around decentralized communication and educating the next generation of web3 users.

While placing the final touches on Receiver v0, the Relay team quickly found a great use case for integrating chatGPT, and immediately got to work. The idea was that we would train our GPT enabled model on company specific documentation, including onboarding docs, DAO information, & code base. The use cases were endless, and they all supported our mission of educating and onboarding the next billion web3 users.

We needed a sick landing page.


Web3 users are lacking a native method of communicating using their decentralized identities.

There are many times where a user sees a wallet address or ENS name on a page and wants to send a message to that address– NFT sales, POAP events, DAO activities, etc– yet the website has no form of chat and there’s no way to find the user elsewhere. This gap effectively breaks the user's journey, and leads the user to web2 messaging outlets, such as Discord or Telegram.