Connecting high school students to volunteering opportunities through a comprehensive platform of discovery







October - November 2021
(4 week sprint)


How can high school students find interesting and accessible volunteering opportunities in their community?

We all know that volunteering at a young age has many benefits, like devloping important life skills, discovering a passion, or simply giving back in an effort to make a positive impact on the community. Unfortunately, many high schoolers miss out on these opportunities, due to their inability to find volunteering events that are both, interesting and accessbile to them. Besides, most students lack the motivation to find community service opportunities, due to the long and effortful process of finding the right ones.

In an effort to fill this existing gap, and increase the amount of high school volunteerism, I plan to design a solution that streamlines the volunteering experience for high school students.

existing methods

How do high school students discover volunteering opportunities currently ?

root cause analysis

Why do high school students struggle to volunteer in their community?

I want to create a solution that...

Engages students with fellow volunteers, community organizations & the platform itself
Streamlines the student volunteering experience, from discovery to school verification
Visualizes completed student service on a micro & macro level

In an effort to...

Increase the amount of high school students that successfully volunteer in their community on a regular basis.
competitive analysis

What do current digital solutions have to offer?

To ensure that my solution was superior to existing volunteering apps, in both content and experience, I conducted a competitive analysis on three established volunteering apps: Golden, Point, & Just Serve.

Specifically, I wanted to gain deeper insights into each platform's flows, functions, and features. Understanding these aspects within my competition would allow me strategically design a solution that built upon existing ones.

user research

Understanding the students

After identifying several problems that exist within current volunteering discovery options, I deployed a survey to gather more insights from high school students.

student interviews

Students would perceive volunteering as more impactful and be encouraged to volunteer if the discovery method is easy to use, engaging, and accessible.

user persona
define & ideate

Solution Ideas

I want to design a digital solution that acts as a one-stop volunteering platform for students. Interviews revealed that an on-the-go solution, such as a mobile app, would be most accessible to students.

How might we...

  • Create a tool that tracks & verifies student community service hours?
  • Simplify students’ flows for browsing opportunities & decrease the speed for registration?
  • Socially engage volunteers with each other and community organizations?
  • Incentivize students to volunteer more by rewarding them for when they do?
  • Personalize this platform of discovery for volunteering opportunities.
user flows
design solutions

Sketches & Wireframes

To finally bring my ideas to file, I sketched each screen defined in the user flow above. These sketches helped me establish the app's information architecture and overall navigation. I planned to convert these sketches into wireframes, and conduct some user testing to confirm the design's layout.

usability testing

Revising Designs

final designs
Product Designer